Babysitting policies & procedures



  • All members using Babysitting must have the Babysitting service on their membership account.
  • All children must be checked-in and out of the Babysitting room by their parent or guardian.
  • If you have the Babysitting service on your membership account, and would like to check-in a child other than your own, you may do so for a daily babysitting guest fee.
  • Members must remain inside the WoW facility for the entire time they utilize the Babysitting service.
  • Parent/guardian must immediately come to the Babysitting room when paged.
  • Absolutely no food permitted in the Babysitting room (due to food allergies).
  • All drinks must be in spill-proof cups.
  • Please notify a Babysitting Attendant if your child has any special needs.
  • Sick children are not permitted in the Babysitting room — Babysitting staff reserve the right to deny access to any child who appears to be sick.
  • No roughhousing or horseplay in the Babysitting room — WoW has the right to refuse service to any unruly or high-maintenance children.
  • Parent/guardian will be notified of any misbehavior of their child and it may result in suspension of babysitting privileges.
  • Staff is not permitted to change diapers.
  • Infants under the age of 6 months are not eligible for drop-off atWoWBabysitting.
  • It is preferred that children under 18 months be dropped off in a carseat or stroller.
  • Children must wear shoes at all times while in the Babysitting room
  • Child’s name should be on all belongings — WoW is not responsible for personal items left in the Babysitting room.
  • Children are not allowed to bring in their own toys without it being approved by a responsible Babysitting Attendant — if a toy or part of a toy can fit through the inside of a toilet paper roll then it is not allowed to be brought into the Babysitting room.
  • Failure to adhere to the Policies & Procedures listed here may result in suspension of Babysitting privileges and/or termination of membership.
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